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Digital Markets Act (DMA)

DMA stakeholders workshops

The Commission is organising a number of technical workshops with interested stakeholders to receive their views on specific issues and questions that may arise in relation to the specific implementing measures by gatekeepers that are to ensure effective compliance with the DMA.

To register for the workshops, please click in the below listed workshop links and use the register button at the bottom.

Workshop Microsoft DMA compliance
26 March 2024

Workshop ByteDance DMA compliance
22 March 2024

Workshop  Alphabet DMA compliance
21 March 2024

Workshop Amazon DMA compliance
20 March 2024

Workshop Meta DMA compliance
19 March 2024

Workshop Apple DMA compliance
18 March 2024

Workshop The DMA and data-related obligations
5 May 2023

Workshop The DMA and app store related provisions
6 March 2023

Workshop The DMA and interoperability between messaging services
27 February 2023

Workshop Applying the DMA’s ban on self-preferencing: how to do it in practice?
5 December 2022