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Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Whistleblower tool

Making the markets in the digital sector fairer and more contestable: Unveiling the DMA Whistleblower Tool

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to shape a fairer and more open online environment. In order to do so, the DMA establishes a set of clearly defined objective criteria to identify “gatekeepers” and lays down a number of obligations applicable to gatekeepers that aim to achieve fair and contestable digital markets.

The DMA Whistleblower Tool allows individuals with inside information to contribute to markets in the digital sector fairer and more contestable. It enables anonymous, or attributed, submission of insights in any EU Official language. With encrypted data protection and adherence to legal frameworks, it offers a secure avenue for reporting wrongful practices by gatekeepers.

We appreciate your willingness to provide information, whether in the form of reports, memos, email exchanges, data metrics, internal research, decisions, or any relevant context, spanning past, present, or future. We welcome contributions in any EU 24 official languages.

Please visit the DMA Whistleblower Tool

Your contribution matters, as it paves to the enforcement of the DMA’s rules.

If your information pertains to harmful practices such as illegal content, hate speech, and disinformation of very large online platforms (VLOPs) and search engines (VLOSEs), which may constitute violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA), you may submit it through the respective DSA whistleblower tool.

What can be reported?

You can report any internal intelligence about the practices of gatekeepers that violate the obligations set forth in the Digital Markets Act. This includes but is not limited to:

  • use of parity clauses,
  • use of not publicly available data of business users of gatekeepers,
  • combination and cross-use of personal data absent user consent,
  • self-preferencing by gatekeepers of its own services compared to services of its business users,
  • any other practice that is considered non-compliant with Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Digital Markets Act.

How are my identity and data protected?

The DMA whistleblower tool operates within the legal framework established by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, ensuring that your data is processed lawfully and with due regard for your privacy rights.

We understand the importance of anonymity and data protection for whistleblowers. Rest assured, your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest to safeguard your identity and information. For further details on anonymity guarantees and data protection, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


The Commission actively enforces the DMA, collaborating with national authorities. The enforcement process involves several steps. It begins with the Commission conducting investigations based on information obtained or received from reliable sources, which may lead to the suspicion of infringement. If warranted, the Commission can open an investigation, using tools such as requests for information, interviews, and inspections.

If breaches to the DMA are verified, proceedings are opened, allowing gatekeepers to be heard. Non-compliance decisions can result in fines up to 10% of gatekeepers’ total worldwide turnover.