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Digital Markets Act (DMA)
News article12 December 2023Directorate-General for Competition, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology1 min read

Commission publishes template for reporting on consumer profiling techniques under the Digital Markets Act

evocation of compliance
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Today, the Commission published the template for reporting on consumer profiling techniques and the independent audit of such reports. Gatekeepers are obliged to submit the reports to the Commission as part of their obligations under Article 15 of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). 

The reports on consumer profiling techniques must describe, in a detailed and transparent manner, all relevant information on all techniques used for profiling of consumers applied to or across any core platform services offered by gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are required to submit this description to an independent audit, and the reports should also contain the auditor's assessment on the completeness and accuracy of the description.

The gatekeepers designated on 5 September 2023 will need to submit the first report as well as a non-confidential overview by 7 March 2024.

Today, the Commission has also published the non-confidential replies to the consultation on the draft template for the independently audited description that were received during the public consultation.

More information on the DMA is available in a dedicated Q&A.