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Digital Markets Act (DMA)
Press release12 May 2023Directorate-General for Competition, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology1 min read

Inaugural meeting of DMA High-Level Group

The High-Level Group on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will meet for the first time today.

people in a board meeting

The inaugural meeting will bring together representatives of different European bodies and networks to discuss issues of common interest as regards the implementation of the DMA.

During this first meeting, the High-Level Group is expected to discuss several topics relevant to the application and enforcement of the DMA, including the state of its implementation, developments in the areas of expertise of the members of the Group that are of relevance for enforcement of the DMA, and findings of the series of DMA workshops organized by the Commission in the last six months on topics such as self-preferencinginteroperabilityapp stores, and data-related obligations.

The High-Level Group brings together 30 representatives nominated from the Body of the European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) and European Data Protection Board (EDPB), the European Competition Network (ECN), the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPC Network), and the European Regulatory Group of Audiovisual Media Regulators (ERGA). The Group, set up in March 2023, has a mandate of two years, and will meet at least once per year.

The High-Level Group may provide the Commission with advice and expertise to ensure that the DMA and other sectoral regulations applicable to gatekeepers are implemented in a coherent and complementary manner. It may also provide expertise in market investigations into emerging services and practices, to help ensure that the DMA is future-proof.